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Digital Skills are a key distinctive feature of X23⁺. The pace of innovation never stops, so the evolution does.

To meet the challenges of an unceasing technology progress and on-going change of paradigm, X23⁺ genealogy is built on "differentiation", enabling capacity to assimilate, sound, decipher, understand and evolve-with social demands, people sentiment, environmental urgencies, job change of paradigm.

That is why we founded the Unit X23⁺, with the specific aim to take action to boost digital skills in Europe. As a can pledger of the EU Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, we pledge the Digital Opportunity Traineeship initiative, providing cross-border traineeships for up to 6,000 students and recent graduates between 2018 and 2020.

The aim is to give students of disciplines we own in X23's departments and expertise the opportunity to get hands on digital experience in fields demanded by the market.

X23⁺ is our unit completely devoted to take action to tackle the lack of Digital Skills in Europe.

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..X23⁺ using X23's assets in a blend.

X23⁺ is using X23's expertise in technologies to train young European PhDs onto focused Digital Skills. The AbC3® platform prototyped together with the University of Salerno, Maurice Gross Laboratory, is aimed to map key-signals using ThePrimate® sensors, tracking pixels of self-entrepreneurship in a specific use-case [in the specific picture: young women entrepreneurs (blue dots) Milan, Italy 45.469177, 9.181071 (2016)]. Through the Genetic.DC® algorithms based on metaheuristics, at X23⁺ we trained four PhDs to optimise a time-based function of several samples we can collect in a given time period, then we produced a very granular set of analytics and prescriptive models.

X23⁺ is also training students in the down streaming specific applications of X23's asset onto a few verticals, i.e. in very crucial social focuses, e.g. young women entrepreneurs , European Vocational Skills (purple dots) , and critical segments in society such as “migrapreneurs” (green dots) .

Inside the X23⁺ unit we're training students in using ThePrimate® sensors tracking to map pixels of self-entrepreneurship (women, migrants, VAT, former detainees, indigenous), Milan, Italy 45.469177, 9.181071 (2016)

Inside the X23⁺ unit we're training students in using ThePrimate® sensors tracking to map pixels of self-entrepreneurship (women, migrants), Milan, Italy 45.469177, 9.181071 (2016~2019)

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