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Europeana Collections.

Europeana is a powerful network working together as a community to shape and promote good practice in the world of digital cultural heritage.
Europeana Collections is an online portal that contains over 23 million digitised objects from Europe’s museums, libraries, archives and audiovisual sources. It connects to Europe’s cultural heritage by providing access to items from over 2,000 heritage collections.

Europeana is supported by funding from the European Commission and member states. Originally known as the European digital library networkEDLnet – it is a partnership of 200 representatives of heritage and knowledge organisations and IT experts from throughout Europe.

The Europeana project is run by a core team based in the National Library of the Netherlands, the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. Overseeing the project is the Europeana Foundation, which includes key European cultural heritage associations. The scope is to support the Digital Agenda for Europe by achieving a lasting transformation in the quantity, scope and usability of the content available to Europeana from European cultural institutions.

X23 is a member of the Europeana network given our strong connection with the cultural heritage, creative industries and tourism domain. Europeana is a key-provider of digital data specifically referred to Cultural Heritage into ThePrimate datalake, where information and metadata are processed in a further metaheuristic clustering, and mixed with clusters of hybrid signals describing non-stationary fields.

Moreover, together with Europeana, we implemented the EUHeritageTOUR project focused on UNESCO cultural heritage sites tourism packages, and the EUMillennialsTOUR project dealing with industrial heritage.

Several are the cooperations in progress with Europeana Foundation at present, dealing with cultural heritage, creative industries and tourism.

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