.High-tech SMEs, Start-ups and Scale-ups

Small and medium enterprises, high-tech start-ups, scale-ups. For a long time, we have supported them in designing concepts and turn them into executable schemes, simplifying plans of action, stepping into disruptive business modeling, quantifying analysis, for self-sustaining, and growth. We provided additional superior technology services to the existing prototypes of our partners, assisted customers or tutees. Failing is part of the process, but we always partner with the utmost of our abilities for the best results. For sure, we do not spare ourselves in committing to the success of our PPPs.

In the last few years, several companies have achieved great results also thanks to our support; for instance, in increasing their technological pace, or in accelerating their track to enter the market, or some times to figure out what was was wrong with their processes and to improve.

Someone says its all about money, some others argue to own the best methodology ever! Snake oil sellers are not yet completely extinct.
We use a blend of capacities and our ”method” is to find the lifeblood in the graph of opportunities.

A brief list of High potential Small and Medium Enterprises, Start-ups and Scale-ups cooperating with us follows below::
Meglio Srl and X23

Meglio Srl (Italy)

Meglio is a social innovative startup, headquartered in Milano, Italy, started on September 2015 under “LeggeMonti” and officially registered at Chamber of Commerce social register. MEGLIO is the acronym for Motivation, Ethics, Goals, Leadership, Innovation, and Occupation. The mission is to create innovative products and services to the frail individuals’ services, improving their health, quality of life, social integration, accessibility to work and providing general human dignity. X23 is studying the feasibility and modellising the BP.
Trip in Touch Ltd and X23

Trip in Touch (UK)

Trip in Touch designs and manages territorial and tourism marketing projects, creating synergies between public and private actors (economic, cultural and social players), enabling networks, territorial marketing groups, economic operators, in order to pursue common strategies for promoting, visibility and marketing of authentic and unpublished products and experiences. Cooperation in FP7 and H2020 coordination actions.
Windicity and X23

Windcity (Italy)

Windcity's vision is "Variable Geometry for Variable Wind"​, and the Italian startup pursues it through its patented disruptive energy conversion concept which allows to maximize production in any variable wind. Thanks to Windcity's simple mechanics technology, the disruptive technology is able to harvest up to 80% more energy compared to competitors. Awarded as European Finalist at Startup Europe Awards 2016, and got a special prize from Singularity University Italy.

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