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KIC - Korean Innovation Center, Europe, South Korea.

KIC-Europe was established in November 2013 as the first Research & Innovation Centre in Brussels to develop an integrated cooperation to build a large network in research and innovation between Korea and the EU. The Centre has is novel HQ in Berlin (Germany), and has three main objectives as follows: ■ Policy development between Korea and the EU ■ Establishment of an R&D cooperation platform ■ Innovation cooperation on Technology transfer and Korean startups, entrepreneurs, etc.

KIC's goal is to assist Korean companies in international expansion while helping them optimize their operations. KIC's suite of services allow partners to concentrate on their core business activity while receiving mentorship from an international network of experts and mentors, to ensure the ideal business environment for them.

KIC-Europe has as its main activities in setting up a Research and Innovation cooperation network by promotion of participation in multi-national collaborative research programs such as HORIZON 2020, through personnel and information exchanges, and by supporting technology transfer between the EU and Korea.

Several programmes are running at KIC at present time, e.g. KIC Autobahn, dealing with seeking out talented, promising tech entrepreneurs to participate in a unique international entrepreneurship experience to scale up their businesses in Europe; K-Startup Grand Challenge, a project conducted and financed by NIPA (National IT Industry Promotion Agency) of South Korea; and the ultimate K-TCLab@Fraunhofer IMW, the Technology Commercialization Training Programme done in joint with Fraunhofer IMW.

X23 is a member of the KIC-Korea network and our founders play the role of senior mentors to Korean start-ups in their fast track to the European market(s), and vice-versa.

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