.X23's Scale Programme

.A Blend of Scaling-up and Fundraising
No money, no market. And no market, no money. To grow, a blend of market entry insights and decision-making, and fresh capitals, is the essential brick in the wall. That is why we work strictly close to enterprises, innovative SMEs, startups, in continuos modellising business and features, and attracting funds by the extensive use of the blending strategy. This means that we explore new sources of funding from both the private and public sector (EU and extra-EU) as an essential factor for the company scaling-up process. Co-creation and cooperation is always at the forefront: we design tailor-made strategy for fundraising according to the enterprises specific needs..

To be committed to ambitious scale-up is the key that matters. Achieving dominance in new markets needs articulate strategies for developing competitive strengths along with powerful partnership building capacity. We support scale-up startups and innovative SMEs to explore new markets, establish partnerships, develop effective management systems to create the conditions for a successful market penetration strategy and allow profitability.

.X-Border Investments
Funds propels scale-up. That is why we partner with the most ranked investment groups to facilitate international investment from mature markets such as US, India, Korea. We are focused on Pre-Series A startups with a will to grow and and to introduce radical innovations to present societal challenges.

.X-EU and X-Border Events
Mobility of innovation, skills, talents, funds are the ground-base for both growth and scale. That is why we design and create cross-bording events across the EU and beyond to showcase the best radical innovation ready to scale up. In 2016 we initiated the StartUp Europe Awards, the Eurovision for startups, an initiative promoted by the EU Commission to identify the best EU startups with a view to scale.

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