Cultural Heritage is widely recognised as a vehicle for cultural identity. And Europe‘s cultural legacy is one of the world‘s most diverse.

It is a beacon that draws millions every year to our churches and monuments, to our museums and libraries, as well as to concert halls and festivals. It is both the accumulation of past artistic achievements and the expression of continuing tradition and creativity.

Furthermore, by exploring the differences and the commonalities between distant places in Europe and worldwide, particular morpho-structures analysis can be achieved, and the outputs on the graphs can be shown and used by similarity scoring and matching.

This results in practicable itineraries and routes with touristic aims, duly clustered and ready to be booked by customers with no particular competences in history, archaeology, classic arts, etc. Of course, the mechanism is applicable to the most varied meaning keys.

The EUHeritage-TOUR was created as a digital platform based on morpho-structures analysis and difference/commonalities emergence, for creating itineraries, booking and social streaming transnational routes and tourism packages within the UNESCO Cultural Heritage sites in Europe, with the philosophic aim of contributing to the Unitarity of the European cultures, and the industrial scope of strengthening the European cultural digital tourism industry.

The methodology to determine a few pilot touristic routes was based on different high-technological assets owned by X23, i.e. ThePrimate® for ingesting significant environmental data (cultural, infrastructural, social and behavioral, geographic), AbC3® to clusterise reasoned macro-packages (based on key-concepts, e.g.: Genius, Hedonism, Makers of the History, Small Towns Gems, Spirit, Urban Cities)., and GeneticDC® to predict and prescript analytics on customers' behavior both in the affinity with each itinerary, in deciphering feedback and sentiments, and in measuring metrics about the (bookable touristic package) product sold.

.Case study #2

.The EUHeritageTOUR® hybrid expert-human + algorithm touristic routes.

We are mixing the uniqueness of the human expertise in human sciences (history, aesthetics, philosophy, geography, and ethnography sciences), with the higher computing power. Places are flowers with own souls in their kernels, and a myriad of signs of their unrepeatable peculiarities are disseminated in their seeds. By matching the differences and the similarities among large regions in couples of graphs, then replicating the formula on couples of couples, we sequenced a particular DNA for each of the UNESCO sites explored by our processors.
Then, we have asked experts in history and archaeology to edit the roots of the heuristic calculus, by injecting their very larger classes of personal insights. The combination of several different (human) expert methodologies have satisfied the aim of achieving a more realistic assessment of the solutions provided by AbC3® processors.
The results are 4 semantic Keys, for 6 Pan-European Itineraries to find “Differences & Commonalities”.

The pilot trips have been tested with 3 different EU and global tour-operators, and enriched by the validation of a significant number of municipalities and bodies in the real world and the tourism market sector, obtaining a full validation. Some of the involved entities follow: Turismo de Alentejo (Portugal), Tourism Office of Cyprus (Cyprus), Flanders Tourism Office (Visit Flanders) (Belgium), the municipalities of Graz, Brussels, Tivoli, Tarquinia, Cividale, Limassol, etc.; the Madrid Network (E), the National Trust (UK), furthermore several associated partners in EU and worldwide.
EUHeritageTOUR map processing during an optimisation hybrid plot with metaheuristics algorithms and human experts' insights

EUHeritageTOUR map processing during an optimisation hybrid plot with metaheuristics algorithms and human experts' insights

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