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Service dominates our time, so service innovation is the king. We support enterprises, SMEs, startups to develop services for creating an entirely new market or reshaping/disrupting a market to achieve dominance and unlock unforeseen profits for a considerable length of time. Service innovation is different from product innovation: customer-center approach counts the most, decentralisation approach triggers service innovation. We cooperate together with the enterprises to design superior business models focusing on the key differentiating point (benefit) offered to the customers and on the degree of service to be marketed (produced and consumed simultaneously).

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A great idea needs to be formalised. And this is valid for any enterprise: a startup, an innovative SME, a micro company, a spin-off, even a large company. We support enterprises to design a realistic go-to-market strategy, according to a Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Time-bound approach and methodology (SMART). Through the EXOO23|Radical's services, our specialised skills in complex threads management, quantified analysis, global benchmarking, strategies planning and management represent a one-stop-shop solution to bring a product/service/process close to the market. That is why we founded EXOO|23, a unique lab hosting a pool of industry experts, mentors, coaches, creative minds, social innovators, tech-geek, talented startups committed to radical innovation.

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