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ThePrimate® is a High-Performance Computing (HPC) system we created with the aim of gathering signals and classificate smart / value information from sensors and digital resources from distributed databases, at first in Europe then worldwide, with a very granular capillarity.

ThePrimate®'s data retrieval is based on X23's patented Filamento® IOT technology (2011), through physical connection and logical linking with objects, places, signals, events including the functions of space and time.

A cyber-physical logic lattice of points traced, self-transmits a poly-dimensional dataset of self value-information: we archive them as a Data Lake, to be further processed, deciphered, clustered, or structured by the means of AbC3® or GeneticDC®, then built as super-granular virtual-referenced regions of smart “talking-objects".

Since Filamento® IOT's functions are based on genetic algorithms, the structure in the network of ThePrimate®'s graph, as in a DNA, is driven on the genetic keys of “affinity” [similar peculiarities by function of time], “proximity” [similar peculiarities by function of space] and "exaptation" [predictive approach in receptor-ligand mechanism].

.Case studies #5, #6, #7.

.#5. ThePrimate®: "Revolution comes to Evolution"

ThePrimate® has been used as system in the background of a semantic framework, providing smart-services to the members of the Italian community of university students (~250K), and the Italian students who are involved into an internship abroad through the programmes of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE, also known as "Farnesina").

The features of the system were carefully adapted in order to provide smart first-rate information to students such as significant geo-referenced places, equipments, courses, events, emergencies, as well as social characters, local behavioral conditions, related to their peculiar stay time in the selected area and the cycle degree programme [e.g. Optimiser Adaptive Feature (OAF), Cognitive computation (COG), Personalised Information As A Service (PIAAS) platform].

Note: The mentioned case study had the benefits of the cooperation with the whole community of Italian university, thanks to a partnership with an undisputed authority such as the CRUI Foundation (CRUI is the acronym of Conference of the Italian Rectors). The platform was also built as an Open Archive and the data gathering / clustering is compliant with the due protocols of OAI-PMH with Sitemap™. Metadata and additional or surjective information to the data gathered are being recorded into a Data Lake; unstructured and dark data – such as the news coming from hundreds of data provider participating in the prototyping phase, undergo a meta-optimization process. Dozen thousands students used ThePrimate® prototype during the test for universities and MAE internship programme abroad.
ThePrimate® Case Study:

ThePrimate® Case Study: "Revolution comes to Evolution", Platform for University Students

.#6. ThePrimate®, Advanced AI-algorithms assisted Knowledge Management.

Reasoned clusters of digital resources, plus several K-tons of environmental signals per day can outline the systemic condition of a portion of social space as well of a significant segment of time in history. Customer intelligence is rooted in the knowledge of the desires of people and cultures. Flow of the main current of thought or behaviours, as well as the migration of cultures and customs from one place to another of the globe, draw a dynamic map of continuous changes, differences and similarities, perturbations in intangible values that will be changing on each moment. The value of the resources we exchange will be changing too, as well as the price of goods and the magnitude of knowledge and the Cultural Heritage (CH).

Predicting value of a piece of art or a draft of an original picture or a research project paper is particularly complex. Nonetheless, in the history we could set up values (as a "price”) for natural resources (food, water, land), and artifacts.

Upon the request of one partner from the cultural industries, we designed a particular evolutive prototype of ThePrimate®, namely the "Knowledge" technology [ThePrimate Knowledge®], and we put its engine at the core of a new, unparalleled digital cultural resources market place. ThePrimate Knowledge® has been set up into a one-stop-shop for high quality digital cultural resources, open, unlimited, self-archiving, algo-clustered, free-to-manipulate, free-to-use/reuse. A 20 portion of 20percent of the high-quality digital resources have been assigned with a "small price" licensed [EUR 0.99 to 4.99] while the rest of the 80% remains absolutely free to use / re-use.

Note:The major technological evolution we applied to ThePrimate Knowledge® prototype is related to increase the classes included in the previous DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification) universal classification of knowledge, a proprietary library classification currently maintained by the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), into a new "augmented DDC" created in X23's laboratories, provided of an additional VUCA-class of Volatile, Uncertain, Complexity and Ambiguous adaptive adjustments of thinks in the ecosystem.
The resulting one-stop-shop was introduced as a temporary beta-test into the market with the commercial brand of CultStore®, and at the present time stands at the funding phase.
The Primate CultStore™ was built with ThePrimate-Knowledge framework infrastructure

The Primate CultStore™ was built with ThePrimate-Knowledge framework infrastructure

.#7. ThePrimate, I AM®.

Advanced blogging, Open Archives, Data retrieval, Self-Archiving, Deep Learning, Cognitives, and Dataviz, all together. Why not?
Is this complexity rather than evolution? Not at all.

Basing on ThePrimate® models, mixed with all the other X23's assets (AbC3®, Genetic.DC®, Filamento™), we created I AM, an evolute medium who self-adapts to the user peculiarities and learns from him, with progressive additional quids of comfort each time I AM using it.

Many of the features included in The Primate, I AM® system are patent pending at present time.
In the following previews, you will have a teaser of a new Media who respects strong peculiarities of each single member of its audience. So, instead of trying to assimilate some "you-like-all-of-the-others", each unrepeatable super-peculiarity of any single person or cyber-system who is using it, corresponds to is its maximum value.
The Primate I AM® Advanced blogging with Cognitives

The Primate I AM® Advanced blogging with Cognitives

ThePrimate, I AM®, Peculiar Clusters-of-People-or-Contents through Cognitives

ThePrimate, I AM®, Peculiar Clusters-of-People-or-Contents through Cognitives

ThePrimate, I AM® – Inner Library of structured Data and reasoned resources, deep learnt by Cognitives

ThePrimate, I AM® – Inner Library of structured Data and reasoned resources, deep learnt by Cognitives

ThePrimate, I AM® – Inner Library of structured Data and reasoned resources, deep learnt by Cognitives

ThePrimate, I AM® – Inner Library of structured Data and reasoned resources, deep learnt by Cognitives

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