We believe in our uniqueness, and we care about it.
Therefore we aim at becoming a "Singleton" by avoiding to imitate voguish trends when they are clearly ephemeral. We let do it the potters' dealers.

Our vision is to support entities and enterprises' innovation capacity, as well as continuously heightening our own expertise – in the ICTs, Sciences, Networks, Complexities, Finance, Micro-turbulences in Economy, Public policies, non-Hierarchical models (i.e. crowd-funding, the Blockchain, the cyber-physical colonies of machines dialoguing each other, etc.), by developing innovative solutions.

From Business Intelligence to Prescriptive Analytics, while applying models to several market sectors and social applications, in the Industry 4.0, the IIOT, BSFI, Personalised Health sectors and much more, we will definitively change the way actual BSOs supports you in relevant evolutionary processes.

We always applied a sustainable approach in setting up our products/services' prices policies, as we believe in the principle of accessibility, openness of quality and in the approach to technologies, a deep digital literacy that should be close and inherit to citizens' DNA.
As the achievement of all of these is the higher ROI for all, we are the first to invest in them.

In order to prepare to a highly competitive society with high-traffic, hyper-dense volume of information, and hyper-connected-to-everything bodies and structures, we activated a non-stop programme (i.e. e23Skill™) of Apprenticeship and Support to young talents. Our vision requires to do it for free, and we partnered with Universities and ACADs to make the programme efficient. But more than that, and according to the most up-to-date labour laws for employment and social inclusion, the X23's programme is a virtuous mix between free training and waged job, resulting as the most ethical and efficient ever in Europe.

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