Eco- & Bio- Amendments


.Radical Adjustative Non-aptative Eco- & Bio- Amendments

Bioamendments in Technology

  • (Super-)Intelligent Vegetables (filed)
  • Ingestible bio-sensors (filed)
  • RaaWOK [robots mimicking human kind typical response time]
  • Continuous hearing leaves (filed)
  • µRobo-Bees (filed)
  • Self-bio-powered exoskeleton (filed)
  • Kx'a click languages (Khoisan) talking bots

Bioamendments in Business Modeling

  • Eating Anarchic Innovation (WOrK™)
  • Sabbath-Tour (designing)

Bioamendments in Spaces

  • Neo-URB-HUB (sect.: Health, Social Empowerment)
  • Exp-PM-TRIAGE (sect.: Acute Addictions, P4 Medicine)
  • Design4All (sect.: Universal design, ”For all” experiences, Ubiquity)

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