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As an independet spin-off from the Research Center X23 Srl, with its own incorporated legal identity, a registered trademark and patent(s) applied, Genetic.DC® is a revolutionary product for IIOT and AI-assisted architecture suite for Cyber Physical Systems, based on beyond the state of the art techniques of Intuition~Evolutionary Intelligent Computation under Uncertainty and Complexity.

Under the paradigm of "Cognitives" (COGs), i.e. systems dedicated to cyber-physical colonies of machines, the Genetic.DC architecture stands at the forefront to fast and accurate estimate, forecast of complex phenomena, and applies to super-proliferative µ-transactions, fast and granular cross-customer intelligence (x-customer intelligence) and x-machine-to-machine-to-humans hybrid conversations, where "intuition" is the best in place among the revolutionary innovations to integrate.

Genetic.DC® is cross-driven by a breakthrough hybrid µdata-people-massive-generated feedback in micro-transactions, while meta-heuristic algorithms optimise data-dynamics. The Genetic.DC® Swarm Intelligence opens the Industry 4.0 paradigm to the benefit of Cognitives and the Artificial General Intelligence peculiarities, freeing data robot-managers,

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professional teams and people from rudimentary reporting by eliminating hand-coding (SQL), allowing all users to ask for complex questions, regardless of technical know-how and low-level machine-to-machine jargon.
Dynamics reporting, data learning and deep phenomena deciphering can be scheduled, shared, and drilled into, allowing all questions to be asked, explored, and answered in real-time.

The GeneticDC® use is fully open and free: in fact, we apply a free license thus empowering multiple services and a high-performative smart decision-making instrument in IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), for professionals, small corporates, citizens and global people.

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A revolutionary Cognitive Machine for Advanced Analytics, first time ever people-powered and based on a Swarm-intelligence.

Genetic.DC® performs instant computation of Big-Data and delivers highly reliable insights in critical tasks both in professional/industrial environments [IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Smart Factories Process (Industry 4.0), Play-Industries 4.0, Critical Financials Transactions], and in the daily critical decisions to people.

Due to its ethical swarmed mechanism, Genetic.DC® finally democratises analytics, empowers the "human factor” and rewards users (and machineries too!) for each good contribution provided to community!

In an Industry 4.0 factory, machines are connected in a IIOT structure as a collaborative community to deliver continuos data-driven micro-decisions. Such evolution requires the utilization of advanced fault diagnosis and prediction tools, so that data can be systematically processed into value information to explain uncertainties, and thereby to make more informed and "trusted" decisions. In this way, we will have self-aware, self-learning and self-adapting cyber-physical systems. For instance, Big Data metaheuristic COG approach optimises costs related to the warehouses surpluses, and decreases surpluses (by 36% on each production cycle!), while ultimately can exploit crucial info about customers’ purchase behaviour, including them in people-powered co-design process.

In "smart manufacturing" and industrial IOT paradigm, the machines will monitor each other to predict abnormal behaviours, and if one detects that there is a problem in another machine, well… it will find a solution from it (and it doesn’t matter if it is in another part of the world), so that to permit to continue performing the desired task! The collaborative community of cognitive-based machines is called as “IoT-based Smart Diagnostics and COG Prognostics”, and it implies a swarm-intelligence in the community of machineries, and the use of a COG such as Genetic.DC® to engender systemic knowledge. Moreover, the paradigm has the revolutionary trait to shift from the previous "engineering based" model (strict, maximalist), to the novel cooperative "human-robot hand-in-hand ", where the expert Robot Coordinator experience re-appropriates a central position. In fact, while he is deciphering the sophisticated data from the cyber-physical system through an advanced Analytics provided by Genetic.DC®, and applies the best behaviour, the COGs learn his decisions-patterns and generate a cognitive map of phenomena in the smart-factory. The reward mechanism, hence, delivers novel knowledge continuously to the cyber-physical agents, raising the global performance iteratively (both to machineries' community and the human experts actually using them). And, best in place, a micro-reward per-transaction is assigned to each systemic agent: i.e., when a value-decision transits from one machine to another, the donor will be micro-rewarded in the ranking of machinery-community on each item [learning] endeavored in the line. This "Play-Factory" mechanism is recognised as the game-changer social-factor in Machine Theory, at the fulcrum of the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

Genetic.DC business applications are huge: Fintech and Banking, Insurance, Investments (BSFI), Fraud-prevention, Smart factories and Play-factories related to the novel Industry 4.0 model, Customer Intelligence (goods and services sales/retail), Precision Farming, Public Services, Energy, Mobility, Digital Tourism, Law, Security, etc. Special and persistent trials have been performed in Critical and Advanced Manufacturing (CAMs)/Manufacturing execution systems (MES) fields of application
GeneticDC® Cognitive Data Retrieval

GeneticDC® Cognitive Data Retrieval

GeneticDC® Conversational Data Deciphering

GeneticDC® Conversational Data Deciphering

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