X23’s BIOS


Committed to innovation, research, growth and scale-up,
X23 is an independent multidisciplinary, self-sustaining research center founded in 1999

Funded as Xóôlab (Ferrara - Italy, 1999) a polyhedral laboratory of scientists and performers devoted to experimental research (see also X|S (Rome - Italy, 2006), then mixed with The Twenty-Three (Milan and Rome, Italy), a lab of highly skilled strategists in industrial processes and analysts in Economics, X23 is catalysing multidisciplinary pioneering projects, applying its own methodology, and committing a bland of high skills in R&D, growth and scale-up process to make them unfold into the real world.

We are decentralised, now based in Italy, Estonia, Portugal, the UK.
We are ranked in the Registry of Transparency of the European Commission and the Lobbyists Register of the European Parliament at number #015930817369-82; X23 is part of the Register of Research Body at MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University, and Research) at #60954DHH. In 2020 we have been awarded the EU Solidarity Corps Quality Label, and we operate as a pledger to the EU DSJC, Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition of the EU Commission.

Our founders and X23's team are trained in Sciences, Finance, Market, and Communication. Our mindset is rigorous and creative. We believe we can mix Culture with the Arstechnique, and we follow a precise, ethical philosophy.

We can boast a high ranking in Europe and worldwide.
So welcome to our innovation bakery!

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