Singularity University Italy Summit 2017 (the link on the logos will open a new window)

Singularity University Italy Summit 2017 (the link on the logos will open a new window)

Singularity University Summit Italy.

Part of the SingularityU Global, the SingularityU Italy Summit leverages the passionate global community of alumni to spur Singularity University’s next phase of global growth.
The network intention is for SingularityU Global to be a network of networks in local cities and countries: a combination of communities, programs, and partnerships all over the globe. Rather than a top down rollout, the network utilizes a community-driven approach, leveraging the alumni. This results in forward-thinking, like-minded, autonomous, interconnected communities and innovation ecosystems across the globe.

Even though we are not a chapter of SingularityU (though we are not SingularityU alumni), X23 proactively cooperates with SU Chapters at domestic, European and global level, in a few specific areas by sharing the vision and the aspirations of empowering local ecosystems for growth and building momentum.
That is why a few SU chapters are cooperating with us.

In the framework of Startup Europe initiatives, for instance, they took part of the jury in the SEUA, the Eurovision for Startups. In December 2016 in Milan, e different brilliant startups were awarded by Singularity University Italy, namely Getwys / Apical (Turin), Robotfarm (Rome), and Windicity (Rovereto, Trento).

Moreover, a joint commitment can also be found in the downstream Space domain for the creation of a powerful incubation programme, for recruiting talented start-ups using Copernicus data and services, then evaluate and award them with a view to accelerate their growth together.

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