.Large Industries, BSOs, and Venture Capitals

Since 1999, our foundation year, under the Xóôlab|Sviluppo label, we collaborated with industries, creative studios, research centers and universities around the entire world. In our laboratories, first in Ferrara and Bologna, then in Rome and Milan, then Lisbon, Salerno, and now London and Tallinn, dozens of young talents have passed and hundreds of ideas have come to life. Some of them seemed to be foolish or unrealistic; in most of the cases, we decided to commit ourselves.

As time passed, the quality of our job is validated by the cooperation with our partners, expert in science, arts, technology, communication, in the industrial domain, and by the king of the market, the customer, outside in the real world.

A brief list of Large Industries, Business Support Organisations, and Venture Capitals cooperating with us follows below:

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