SHE LOVES TECH SOUTH EUROPE powered by X23 — The Innovation Bakery™

SHE LOVES TECH SOUTH EUROPE powered by X23 — The Innovation Bakery™

She Loves Tech (SLT) is an international non-profit organisationcommitted to closing the funding gap for women entrepreneurs, and building an ecosystem for technology, entrepreneurship and innovation that creates opportunities for women. She Loves Tech is currently in over 40 countries globally.

From season 2021, She Loves Tech opened a new region in Southern Europe in 2021, covering Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal, powered by X23. Focusing on female founders, users, issues, She Loves Tech aims at connecting women and technology. Since 2015, She Loves Tech has helped over 5000 startups across six continents to raise over 100M USD, many startups got the chance to accelerate their business and make a difference in the world. She Loves Tech is not only just a competition, but a community, where you feel empowered, equal, inclusive, and welcomed. You will meet other great minded people, potential investors, and infinite opportunities opening up for you.

If you:
• Have a tech startup with an MVP, and have raised less than US$5M
• Have at least one female founder or majority female consumers/end-users

then take your startup to the next level and apply now to the 2021 Compeition of She Loves Tech. Registrations are open until July 31, 2021.

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