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Free of market is fundamental, but we believe that public policies are the cornerstone of freedom in order not to frustrate the flow of demand and supply, and to avoid the competitive boost could turns into a unfair environment.

Even more, we do not believe that public policies should be rigid and centralist, but we are aiming to support semi-lazy rules, loose-coupling schemes, we love adaptive karyotypes, and we support resilient complexes' habits.

That is why we have a genuine inclination towards establish relationships with public authorities and supporting them in down-streaming the best principles at a diffused, granular level in the territories. This is due to the fact that we perceive the ethos of both citizens, public, and business bodies.

Whether they are international authorities (the EU Commission or the Parliament, the organisations of the United Nations, etc.), or very small municipalities with their peculiar "gems", X23 is rooted to improve the smooth flow of transactions and feedbacks, so that welfare policies can be immediately applied, the public funds can be used concretely and correctly, and the best proposals from the bottom could raise and be gathered, well valued, promoted and awarded or rewarded.

This is the full development roadmap of any ecosystem.

We have been leading several programmes co-funded by the European Commission, as well we are supporting SMEs and private companies to introduce their innovation to the funding authorities. On the opposite to what many “supposed experts” will tell, we do not offer "knock-out performances", as the road is tough, many are the proposals in the list. We pursue success always driven by competence.

A brief list of Public bodies and Municipalities cooperating with us follows below:
Città di Torino and X23

Municipality of Turin (Italy)

Turin is the heart of a metropolitan area with almost 2,000,000 inhabitants. The city of Turin is the fourth largest Italian city for the population, the third economic-productive complex of the country and today constitutes one of Italy's most important university, artistic, tourist, scientific and cultural poles. Turin has a GDP of approx. 37.5 billion euros, ranking Turin among the top 100 cities in the world with more wealth available. Considered one of the European capitals of the car, Turin and Belt have some of the most important companies in the sector: FCA Italy, Comau, Teksid, Magneti Marelli, Italdesign Giugiaro, GM Powertrain Torino, Pininfarina, Iveco. Also important is the contribution of industrial automation to the growing internationalization of the Turin economy, with the presence of companies such as Prima Industrie and Comau, with the latter (among the top 4 in Europe for sales), which manufactures robotics for the whole world Leading automotive groups. Other important companies in Turin are: Lavazza, Caffè Vergnano, Martini & Rossi, Alpitour, Reply, Avio Aero, Basic Net, Carlo Pignatelli, Sparco, Seven, Kelémata and Armando Testa Group. In the metropolitan city of Turin there are also several Italian subsidiaries of foreign companies such as Suzuki, Bavaria, Diageo, Michelin, Kimberly-Clark, Petronas and Vodafone Italia. Turin is the epicenter of the ScaleUP Circus programme, presented by X23 and Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, together with SEERC, EBAN, SCAALE, Digital Europe, and Innsomnia, under the Startup Europe 2017 line of the H2020 ICT-32-2017 call. In Turin a subsidiary office of X23 is placed.

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