SCAALE Inc. | Advisory, Capital, Sales, Merge &Acquisition

SCAALE Inc. | Advisory, Capital, Sales, Merge &Acquisition

Scaale Group is a Growth Consultancy helping companies through executing innovative global strategies. Structured in four different business units (e.g. Advisory, Capital, Sales, and M&A), Scaale supports growth companies with all-comprehensive services from Strategy Roadmap to Market Research, Institutional/Strategic Investments and Capital/Project Finance, Global Sales Acceleration Programmes, Global Mergers & Acquisitions.

Scaale is specialised in a few industry verticals, in particular: Artifcial Intellence and Big Data, Construction and Real Estate, Energy, Farm to Fork, Fashion and Luxury Goods, Heathcare and Biotech, Manufacturing, Marine, Media & Enterteinment, Security, Space, Smart Cities and Towns, Transportation.

Headquartered in the US (San Francisco), Canada (Toronto), India (Mumbai), China (Dalian), and Europe (Madrid), Scaale has recently partnered in Italy too holding and exclusive agreement with X23 due to our great qualification in industrial processes and financial / innovation growth mechanism within the Europen area and the Mediterannean economies, and a recognised track record in driving SMEs, start-ups in strategy making, decision process, decode market nuances and uncertainty, and growth.

A periodic session of selections, both open or reserved to SMEs and start-ups belonging to the EXÓÔ23|Radical programme, was set up in order to allow Scaale in selecting a few highly potential EU / Italian companies and project them to the scale-up stage. Please, apply the programme in order to participate next selection sessions, or ask for more information.

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