Network Society Project.

The Network Society Project aims to analyze the reasons for change; teach its nature and its technological basis; collect and monitor the dynamic indicators on its development and; stimulate the evolution of individual behavior, business strategies and the adoption of policies consistent with its nature.

Network Society Ventures is a seed stage global venture investment firm seeking to invest in disruptive technology-based companies that are leading the transformation from the post-industrial age to The Network Society.

The Network Society Project involves activities with multiplying effects in ever-widening circles of people and organizations. Represents a set of tools for individuals, businesses and policymakers for the design and implementation of strategies compatible with an accelerating future.

X23 is actively cooperating with the Network Society Project and its founders given the profound connections to key topics and investment focus of the Network Society Ventures such as Finance, Bitcoin and mathematical currencies, Food, Plantlabs and vertical gardens, 3d Printing of meat, Policymaking, Open Data, Governance and Direct Democracy, Energy, Health, Robotics, Artificial General Intelligence and Quantified Self.

X23 and Network Society Research Ltd are cooperating together in the development of a radical innovation focus on blockchain technology applied to the gaming industry, namely Sintonicity.

Network Society Ventures participated as an active player into the Startup Europe Awards Italian edition (2016) led by X23 as Country Manager, being part of the final jury and awarding one selected startup (i.e. Neuron Guard) with a special award [see on the #SEUA16 website:].

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