.Non-for-profit entities and B-Corps

Demonstrating a clear and concrete B-impact (where "B” stays for "Benefit") is our craze. For this reason, we voluntarily meet the highest standards of purpose, responsibility and transparency, and at present time (2017) we are in the assessment phase to be designated with the B-Corp [Benefit Corporation™] label.

Meanwhile, our history tells of acting with long-term Ethics, and going beyond the concept of "profit".

Since our constitution, we have been cooperating with non-for-profit organisations and spend much time in promoting actions aimed to social benefits. We did it voluntarily.
Why? Not for hidden purpose Just following the path generated from each initiative we started, looking at the metrics. Figuring-out the networks we have involved. Investigating the relationships and the interests of each player. And finding out that the benefit is clear, immediate, and every time duly shared with the community .

This is how we put it, and it is our way of investing.
For instance, since 2016 X23 have been playing the role of Country Manger of the Startup Europe Awards, and elaborated the programme of competitions and awards at regional, national and continental level, as promoted by the European Commission and patronised by the EU Parliament. For months, we have been managing an intensive job, approaching hundreds of public and private companies, evaluating and pushing-up the best innovation in the country, cross-matching quantities of assets with high levels of quality.
Supported by a pool of brilliant co-organisers, we governed such a crucial mechanism carefully with the aim not to fall into any conflict of interests. A best practice recognised by all the European colleagues, hard for many, congenital for us.

B-Corps and non-for-profit orgs feels comfortable with us: Nativa Lab, SingularityU Summit, SocialFare, and many others. A brief list of them follows below.

Updated: After the Startup Europe Weeks, the Green Week patronised by the European Commission DG Grow, the Maker Week and, in general, the most demanding events of dissemination and social engagement, now together with the Migration Hub (Berlin), the Digital African Women (Brussels), ICEI (Milan), and Ja Finland (Helsinki), we started a pilot action funded by the European Parliament [jargon: ME4Change] in order to support migrants and refugees in Europe in re-activating their own identity and on re-starting their own business.
X23 is going to lead such an important programme until 2020 and more.

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